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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Epping – Double Decker Coach 72 Seater 

London is a costly city, and you may look to accommodate your group, or even host conferences and other event, in a suburban town, such as Epping. Epping is just 24 miles from Charing Cross, and well connected to central London by tube and roads.  
However, when you are responsible for a large group, you have your task cut off. Public transportation is not suited for large groups, and there is always a risk of someone lagging behind. Resorting to small vehicles such as taxis, or minibus can quickly become prohibitively expensive. Soon you may find yourself spending more on transportation, than what you would have spent for accommodating the group in central London itself! 
Our Epping minibus hire service comes to your rescue. We offer a fleet of large vehicles, including double decker 72 seater coaches, capable of moving large groups quickly, reliably, efficiently, and economically. The transfers take place in high end coaches, such as Volvo and Iveco coaches, which come with all material comforts. These vehicles are stylish a well, doing no harm to your image and reputation. 
Our minibus hire in Epping come with skilled drivers, who are experienced in handling large double decker coaches, and are also aware of the traffic regulations in place, governing heavy vehicles. With our drivers, you are assured of a safe and risk-free journey, without any hold ups. 
The best part of our services is the extremely low rates we charge. With our double decker 72 seater coach, you can realise your cost saving strategy to the hilt. In fact, our low rates, combined with the flexibility we offer in our services, and the economy and efficiency that comes with of moving large groups in one go, make our Epping minibus hire the most cost-efficient way, among all options, to move your group from one point to another.